Monday, November 2, 2009


Recently I was asked to write a magazine article on the topic of
"Hollywood gone Wild".
As much as this will be a good portfolio piece, I cannot help but dread doing so.

The scandals going on in Hollywood have been reported on time and time again. Is anyone else bored with hearing about Lindsay Lohans DUIs, rehab sessions, and parental feuds or Britney Spears bad parenting and pantie-less outings. I mean, being asked to write about the scandals going on in Hollywood with young celebrities is OLD news, maybe when something different goes down there will be a point in talking about it.

Perhaps I should take a different stance on it, and talk about the formula of becoming a train wreck.

Young, cute, innocent actress - questionable role - drunken mess /crack head?

Or what about how all these young Hollywood bar stars feel the need to release an album in which they CANNOT sing but rather, is merely a reason to make some music videos and slut-it-up.


So, what do -you- think?

How can I talk about the scandals going on in Hollywood without making it a repeat of every article that has already been done?

What angle should I take it make it at least semi-interesting?

Can anyone help me with this, cause even Paris Hilton thinks "Life is too short to blend in."



  1. Man you have a point, I mean, everythings been done. It's almost as if the young stars go out of their way to make things happen that put them out in the limelight. Then again, no one wants to hear about a goody little two shoes actress, if anything, all of them do it on purpose. What you need to do is find someone whose not all crazy, OR, well im not sure. I don't really think there is a differnt angle, inless you can find an actor or actress that's completely boring and just go the opposite way with it. Make it sitirical.

  2. Yeah, either that or write about exactly what I said here. I mean, rather than trying to find "new news", talk about how its all been done and how pathetic these young celebs are actually starting to look, haha

  3. My god! look at that one picture of that re-re, what a crack smoker. hahaha, unreal!

  4. The whole image aspect of mainstream media is pretty ridiculous. It's not sad that people publish all these scandals and stories about celebrities. What's crazier is that there is a market for it, because people want it and buy it.

    Artists should be judged by their work. Their lives are their own and people should stop focusing on them. That's my opinion. Thoughts?

  5. thats a really good post jess......Mr.T is proud.

    p.s. I smoked pot with Johnny Hopkins.

  6. How about the fact that there are some celebrities who are famous for basically no reason other than to be famous? Paris Hilton was known because of a sex video- but other than that her maintream fame was built upon nothing. Perez Hilton (if I spelled that correctly) makes a living gossiping about others. How is this relevant? How is this talent?