Sunday, November 1, 2009


Dougie Mandagi
Jonathan Aherne
Lorenzo Sillitto
Toby Dundas


From Melbourne Australia, this indie rock band creates an atmospheric sound, featuring choirboy vocals and pulsating rhythms. Inspired by bands such as Radiohead, Massive Attack, Prince and U2, Temper Trap more so resembles the sound of he band TV on the Radio with his accent heavily breaking through to create an overall powerfully moving sound.

This band is fairly new on the scene, but I am sure you will be hearing much more of them seeing as they just moved to London England to play a bunch of scheduled shows in hopes of becoming better known nation wide. In the mean time, check out their single Sweet Disposition. This song is featured in the film (500) Days of Summer which compliments it stunningly I thought.

Temper Trap just recently played at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, and a friend of mine was able to get some pretty amazing pictures which you can check out for yourself on his Flickr account at:

In the meantime, here is their single I mentioned above.

If you listen to Sweet Disposition with your eyes closed, it feels like your floating...

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  1. More like Temper Tramp! 500 days of Michael Bolton