Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bloc Party is a PARTY!

Straight from the UK underground comes one of the most arousing bands of the 21st century...

Bloc Party

The quartet from Essex London aim on delivering an energized sound combining the likes of Joy Division, The Cure and The Smiths – creating an electronic rock fusion.

Beginning as England’s top indie act, the release of 2005’s Silent Alarm saw the group winning “Album of the Year” from rock magazine NME along with critical acclaim from not only UK media but US as well, with sold out shows following 18 months of constant touring.

The unique blend of the telecaster garage rock and upbeat percussion managed to not only capture the indie scene, but top electronic attention leading to collaborations with the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Death from Above 1979 and Automato, eventually leading to a remix release of the debut album. Their 2007 release “A Weekend in the City” attempted to incorporate more programming into their sound with tracks such as “On”, blending acoustic and electronic percussion. The direction of Bloc Party’s future was put to the test with “Weekend’s” late b-side single release, “Flux”.

The year 2008 brought with it the multi-formatted release of Bloc Party’s third and most experimental album yet, “Intimacy”. Fans had mixed reviews for the heavily programmed album, as Lead singer Kele Okereke promised a return to the raw grunge of the group’s debut release. Instead, “Intimacy” delivers an electronic heavy dance album with all members contributing their newfound sonic style whether it’d be Russel’s factory of guitar effects, Matt’s industrial beats or Kele’s vocal looping.

However the sound of Bloc Party progressed, the message has always remained the same. Front man Kele does not shy away from expressing his thoughts on love and life, which are ever so clear within his lyrics.


Silent Alarm

This Modern Love

Like Eating Glass


A Weekend In The City

Hunting for Witches


The Prayer


I Still Remember






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