Sunday, October 4, 2009

A FRESH START. Try Sybris!

So, due to the ridiculous cold I had last week I wasn't able to post many blogs- I promise you, this week is going to be a fresh start (as soon as I get my Internet hooked back up).
Exactly a week later I am finally starting to feel better.

Friday night I went to The Fillmore in Detroit to see Manchester Orchestra and Brand New.
The show honestly could not have gotten any better. The venue was wicked, the set list spectacular, and the bands *speechless*
Then again, now that I think about it the one thing that could have been better was the crowd.
Before Brand New came on a group of girls starting singing aloud the song Soco Amaretto Lime, and while the majority of the crowd joined in, a few select individuals thought it was "cooler" to trash talk the people singing. WHY? NO IDEA. Not only did it look pretty shitty on their part, but I mean, if you're at the show then you like the band, so why wouldn't you want to hear their songs? ...weird.

SO, now what I have to say is everyone should check out the band Sybris.
These guys opened the show that night, and I was super impressed with what I heard.
If you take the sounds of Manchester Orchestra, and add in a dash of Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, with a hint of the Ravonettes... yeah well, that's Sybris. From Chicago Illinois, female singer and guitar player, Angela Mullenhour is not only extremely talented, but also extremely entertaining to watch.

Its not often that an opening band impresses me, I mean I don't go into a show bias by any means that I'm not going to like the unheard of opening act (in fact, I give them the benefit of the doubt that they WILL be awesome and that I'll fall for their musical melodies), but it seems that the majority of the time a band goes on tour these days they tend to take with them a smaller indie act which is often times, to put it nicely, just background music to me. Sybris on the other hand rocked hard, so ch-ch-ch-check em out!

Well, that is all for now.

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