Monday, October 26, 2009

The xx

Exploding onto the scene out of nowhere, comes the next wave of Brit pop to sweep the nation.. and perhaps someday the world. THE XX. Consisting of four 20-year-olds from London England, is this young quartet the next Cure, Depeche Mode, or Pixies?
Will they forever remain in limbo between stardom and the gutter like so many other under recognized indie bands?

Debate comes in their empty yet filling sounds and simplistic writing styles. The xx are a
move away from elaborate (which has been so overdone these last few years), and come across as a "less is more" kind of feel, a slow furtive pop sound, their lyrics dealing mostly with the topic of sex.

In their first single off their debut album titled Basic Space, singer Romy Croft has been compared to singer Stevie Nicks, while bass player Oliver Sim accompanies Croft creating a back and forth vocal track perfectly timed. It seems that to duo don't sing for the sake of singing, but rather because they have something to say! Without a real drummer, The xx uses a drum machine to manipulate their sound and add to their liberal bass tones.
Other tracks include hints of Interpol's guitars and even a slight resemblance to Radiohead's electric chords.

NONE THE LESS- what makes The xx such an original band is the fact that they seem to be thinking and developing a wider range of topics than most bands these days in both lyrics content and creative vibes.

The xx will be opening for the Friendly Fires at the Phoenix Concert Theatre
December 2ND, 2009.
Tickets available online at
OR (once again)


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