Wednesday, October 21, 2009

YOUR song

Have you ever just wanted to give up? Felt like the whole world was out to get you, and no matter who you turn to, no one gets it? I have. Times like these, the one and only thing i can completely trust to calm me down, or make me think there is someone else out there feels just like me, is music.
There have been times in my life where I literally was at rock bottom. Rock Rock Bottom.
The worst feeling ever is when you pick up the phone to vent to someone who you think understands you, and they don't get it or if they do, they just don't have an answer for you.
In times like these i highly recommend putting on some music, and finding that one song that speaks you to.
Looking back over my iTunes play lists, its funny to see what tracks have been played hundreds more than the others.
Those would be the songs I'm talking about in this post.
Even right now, The Umbrella's song, We Fall is on.
When my Dad passed away (three years this April) i sat on my bedroom floor and listened to this for hours at a time. I remember piecing together a scrapbook of him, and i swear this is the only song that did it for me then-- really hit a spot.
SO WHAT I RECOMMEND EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU DO next time you feel like screaming your lungs out or beating the hell out of something.
Find YOUR song.
I promise it will never let you down.

"So I'm searching for that song, that will make me break down, fall to my knees in the middle of this broken street" - The Umbrellas

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