Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OUTFOXED:Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

The film OUTFOXED demonstrates how enlarging corporations are taking control of the public’s right to obtain information. Journalists and news reporters share the strict conservative stance FOX television takes on the news. We learn that FOX television makes memos on both what is and is not to be said on air. As a citizen, it is frightening to know information is being hidden from us. Do we not have the right to know what is going on in our world? Shouldn’t we be hearing the bad with the good, rather than merely the less controversial or worrisome matters? Is ignorance really bliss? The creator of the media monster, FOX owner Rupert Murdoch needs to be stopped as the manipulation of our knowledge of news depends on it.

In the world of FOX television employees are either “one of us or one of them,” FOX versus the public and other news mediums. If you are with FOX, you cannot be seen speaking with the “wrong people.” The media forum Murdoch has established is a monster in control of the public sphere. What gives these powerful corporations the right to obtain knowledge and not share it with us the public? It is mentioned how all news is to be a matter of opinion because opinion cannot be considered false. Yet whose opinion are we being told, and what perspective is FOX portraying to the world? The term “Some people say” is used not as a source of anonymous information to advance a story, but rather as a clever way of inserting political opinions not permitted in the news. Therefore, as citizens we are naïve to believe the news is always the truth, yet many of us rely on it for both national and global information.

If we want to be fully informed of the issues occurring in our world today, we need to stand up for our rights. If we choose not to, we will continue to be programmed with the news Rupert Murdock is willing to give us. DO WE WANT TO KNOW THE BIGGER PICTURE OR ARE WE CONTENT WITH THE FRAGMENTS MURDOCH PROVIDES? IT IS TIME WE TAKE A STANCE- WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE INFORMED, SO LETS GET INFORMED!

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